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About The Breed

This breed is sweet, loyal, and intelligent. They have a reputation for being gentle and fearless. These dogs are not only quiet lap dogs, they are perfectly suited for events such as agility, obedience, and tracking.

The Maltese is characterized by its rounded skull, black nose, drooped ears, dark bright eyes, short legs, and graceful tail. Their fur is long, strait, and silky. They tend to always come in a white coloration. Their movements with their little legs are elegant, balanced, and graceful.

This is a breed of dog that originated in Malta over 2000 years ago. They were bred as a companion dog for the Maltese. They are mentioned in ancient texts in Greece, Rome, and Egypt.
Right Choice?
If your breed of choice is the Maltese, you will have a bold little companion that will cherish time with you and the family after a long day.
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Toy Dogs
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Low Maintenance
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Adult Height:
7-9 inches

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Adult Weight:
Under 7 lbs

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12-15 years

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