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english bulldog

About The Breed

The English Bulldog is often viewed as brave and courageous, but they are also easy going and loyal companions. The Bulldog’s iconic appearance with low slung body, broad shoulders, with short legs. Seen with a somewhat wrinkled face, pushed in nose and kind loving eyes. They have short fur that is smooth and shiny. Their brave demeanor makes them great watchdogs. Don’t be fooled, while courageous, these dogs are never vicious and are very kind, loving animals. English Bulldogs are great with children and other animals and often enjoy short walks on a cool afternoon.

Some of the earliest English Bulldogs were used for working and managing livestock, being first mentioned in literature around 1500. The bulldog has long been a national symbol to the English, even being compared to Winston Churchill During World War II. Even here, in the United States, the Bulldog has been chosen to be the official mascot for the Marine Corps.
Right Choice?
If the English Bulldog is your breed of choice you’ll have a loving easy going companion who loves relax and go on short walks. They make great companions for individuals with other pets and even children.
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Companion dog
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Low Maintenance
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Adult Height:
14-15 inches

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Adult Weight:
40-50 lbs

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8-10 years

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