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About The Breed

For having short legs, the Corgi is a surprisingly athletic, strong, and an agile little herder. This breed is loyal, loving, and an overall down to earth dog with an eagerness to learn. They are very good with kids and other dogs.

They come in a variety of colors including Fawn, black, tan, and red. They may or may not have white markings. Some Corgis have a marking that is commonly called a “Fairy Saddle” on the backs. Their skull is flat and very fox like, in addition to having large dark inquisitive eyes and large alert ears.

The Corgi originated in Wales around the year 1100. They were said to be a gift from fairies to help people herd their livestock.
Right Choice?
If your breed of choice is the Corgi, you will have a loyal, and agile little loaf to join you in your daily tasks. Going on an adventure in the park, or herding your cattle, the Corgi will be right at home and will do his absolute best.
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Herding Dog
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Low Maintenance
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Adult Height:
10-15 inches

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Adult Weight:
25-30 lbs

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12-13 years

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