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About The Breed

The Chow Chow’s coat is long and thick. It will often be a bit longer over the shoulders and around the neck resembling a lion-like mane. The fur can come in a variety of colors including, black, red, cinnamon, and cream. They mostly solid colored with a lighter shading along their belly, feathering, and neck ruff. Their tail is held high and over the back.
For the right person, the Chow can be a fiercely loyal companion. They excel at being a watchful guardian over their people and domain. A well socialized and Bred Chow Chow is never aggressive or ill-tempered. For exercise, the Chow loves a nice walk and some light play. They are a noble beast and less likely to have a silly and rambunctious side like other breeds.

The Chow hails back to the Tang Dynasty of Ancient China. They were a favored pet of many of the Chinese Emperors. They were employed in the various tasks in ancient Chinese life such as guards, hunters and draft dogs that would help carry supplies to nearby villages. The origin of the name is thought to come from the Cantonese word for “Edible”.
Right Choice?
If the Chow Chow is your breed of choice they will stand at your side as an aloof yet dignified guardian.
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Non-sporting dog
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Regular brushing
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Adult Height:
17-20 inches at the shoulder

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Adult Weight:
45-70 lbs

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8-12 years

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One Word:
8-12 years Chow