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About The Breed

For being such a noble beast, the Boxer can be silly and rambunctious well into adulthood. The Boxer is loyal yet can have an independent streak. They are protective of their homes and family and will alert you when a stranger is near or if they hear an unfamiliar sound.
The Boxer is characterized by its lean athletic body. This breed has a wrinkled forehead, alert eyes, and medium pointed ears. Their coat can come in brindle or fawn and is accompanied by white markings. They have a medium to short tail that even for its length can be quite efficient in expressing happiness.

The Boxer can trace its origin back to Germany in the early 1800s as a companion for nobles. They were used for hunting bear, boar, and bison. During World War I the Boxer was enlisted by the military where they served as a messenger, carried packs, and acted as guard dogs for resting soldiers.
Right Choice?
If your breed of choice in the Boxer, you will be privileged of owning one of the most popular American breeds. Intelligent, loyal, and courageous are just a few of the Boxers many attributes.
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Working dog
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Low Maintenance
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Adult Height:
21-25 inches at the shoulder

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Adult Weight:
65-80 lbs

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10-12 years

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